Database Repair & Analysis

If you are confronted with a damaged or corrupt database we can often offer a rapid solution without even having to come out and analyze the corrupt database on site. Before we can provide you with our database repair estimate, we must first analyse your database. Details


IBExpert und Firebird hotline included training and support services for Firebird, InterBase®, Lazarus®, Delphi®, FastReport® and of course, IBExpert. Details


If you are experiencing poor performance with your Firebird application, we can help. We set up a live monitoring on your database server. After approximately 7 days you will receive a detailed written report. Details

Firebird Training and Workshops

We offer a wide range of training and support services for Firebird, InterBase, Lazarus, Delphi, FastReport and of course, IBExpert.
All support and training services are available worldwide; languages spoken: German and English. Details

Firebird Replication

We implement Firebird technology-based replication for our clients. In our view, the majority of marketed all-in-one replication tools are of limited usefulness and tend to be a waste of time. Only in Firebird 4 is a basic replication integrated, but this still leaves many wishes unfulfilled. Details