The new IBExpert website

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We have created a new blog style starting page. This will be used for new information regarding our products and services. All webpages from our existing website are still there.

Did you know?

You can commission us to operate and maintain your dedicated IFS servers at our data center, or in a data center of your choice, or at your own premises

Read our White Paper: The Cloud and Firebird: The physical fundamentals of failure or why it works really well when you do it right! here:

(German-language version here)

Hardware Maintenance and Remote DBA

If you have already read up on our IFS servers, you will have seen that each of our servers comes with the service "Hardware Maintenance and Remote DBA". The reason for this is as follows:

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Firebird performance issues

How do you measure the performance of your own server or your clients'? Have you ever tried to compare the database speed of your Firebird server with new server hardware? Is a XEON Machine better than an Opteron? What improvements can you expect from fast SAS hard disks, RAID controllers or Enterprise SSDs?

The IBExpert Benchmark is a simple but effective tool, which gives you a reference benchmark, based on our recommended IFS Servers. Using IBExpert Benchmark you can generate and compare a reproducible speed index for your Firebird Server hardware. On average, our IFS servers with Firebird are 5 to 10 times faster than the server or virtual machines that our customers have previously used. 

Perform the comparison yourself using our free IBExpert benchmark software on your Firebird server:

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