Newsletter 03/2023

View all new features of the current IBExpert Developer Studio version 2023.03.05 here: What's New  

  1. New features in the Data Grid.
  2. Support of keyboard templates in the Code Completion list.
  3. Automatic restore of a dead connection.
  4. Support of object names longer than 31 chars (Firebird 4) where they were not yet supported.
  5. Export to clipboard in JSON format now possible.
  6. Code Formatter: Support of space after opening and before closing bracket options.

New product: IBExpertFunctionLibrary 

Most long-term Firebird developers have in the past used or at least been aware of the UDF libraries, such as FreeAdhocUDF and rFunc, along with their advantages and disadvantages when used with Firebird versions up to 2.5.

We have now developed a completely new comprehensive library for use with Firebird 3 and 4 in two flavors: IBExpertFunctionLibrary Single Access and IBExpertFunctionLibrary Enterprise Maintenance SubscriptionDetails