Whats New

IBExpert 2023.07.09

1. DB Explorer

  •   Activating/deactivating database objects from the Project View tree.

2. Search in Metadata

  •   Possibility to search in scripts/blocks (IBE$SCRIPTS table) has been implemented.

3. Code Editors

  •  Hyperlinks behaviour for package routines implemented.
  • "Before load from file" event block implemented. This block allows you to perform some actions before the appearance of the "Open file" dialog; for example, change a source directory. See block template for more details.
  • "Init/perform user actions" event block implemented. This block allows you to define user actions with code editor content which will be executed via a shortcut and/or from the code editor context menu (the very first item in the menu, if the block exists and is active). See block template for more details.

4. Dependencies trees

  •   Solved some issues with the incorrect display of package dependencies.

5. Copy Database Object

  • Support of SQL role in copy blocks added.

6. IBEBlock

  • @Services.RepairDatabase and @Services.SetDBProperties functions implemented. 


    execute ibeblock
     -- Both functions return nothing (NULL) if there were no errors,
     -- otherwise they will return an error message 

     sDBName = 'dbserver/3053:D:\databases\db.fdb';
      sConnectParams = 'ClientLib="D:\ClientLibs\fbclient_30.dll"; User=SYSDBA; Password=masterkey;';

    -- Supported repair params: Limbo, CheckDB, IgnoreChecksum,
      -- KillShadows, Mend, Sweep, Validate, ValidateFull

      Res = @Services.RepairDatabase(:sDBName, :sConnectParams || 'Mend');

     if (Res is not null) then

      -- All supported params are listed in the example

      Res = @Services.SetDBProperties(:sDBName, :sConnectParams || 'PageBuffers=2048; SQLDialect=3;
           SweepInterval=20000; ForcedWrites=TRUE; ReadOnly=FALSE');

     if (Res is not null) then


  • ibec_ExtractMetadata function:
    ExtractPrimaryKeys and ExtractUniques options added to prevent extraction of primary keys and unique constraints. Together with the existing ExtractReferences and ExtractChecks these options allow you to suppress the extraction of all constraints.

    By default all of these options are ON (TRUE). To disable the extraction of primary keys, for example, set the corresponding option to FALSE: ExtractPrimaryKeys=FALSE.

  • Code Editor namespace with set of functions implemented. See example of usage in the "Init/perform user actions" event block template.

7. Minor bugfixes and small improvements

IBExpert 2023.04.14

Minor bugfixes and small improvements.

IBExpert 2023.03.06

 1. Data Grid

  • Possibility to edit UUID/OCTETS values in the filter criteria tree has been implemented.
  • The mouse wheel can now be used to perform Page Up and Page Down actions.
  • By default the Ctrl key should be held to perform PageUp/PageDown.
  • To change the default modifier put the following piece of code into the After IBExpert starts event block:
    ibec_SetGlobalVar('IBE$DATA_GRID_PAGE_SCROLL_MODIFIER', <value>);

        where <value> is one of following: empty string, null, 'CTRL', 'ALT', 'SHIFT'.

        An empty string or null as a new modifier value makes PageDown/PageUp a default                behaviour of the mouse wheel in the Data Grid.

2. Code Editor

  • Support of keyboard templates in the Code Completion list.
    There is a new option Show keyboard templates in Code Completion list in the Options | Editor Options | Code Insight.

3. Automatic restore of a dead connection

  • By default if the database connection is lost IBExpert shows a dialog window and offers to restore a dead connection. To attempt to restore the connection automatically without user confirmation put following line of code into the After IBExpert starts event block:

4. Database Object Editors

  • Support of object names longer than 31 chars (Firebird 4) where they were not yet supported.

5. Export Data

  • Export to clipboard in JSON format implemented.

6. Code Formatter

  • Support of space after opening and before closing bracket options.

7. Minor bugfixes and small improvements