Whats New

IBExpert 2023.04.14

Minor bugfixes and small improvements.

IBExpert 2023.03.06

 1. Data Grid

  • Possibility to edit UUID/OCTETS values in the filter criteria tree has been implemented.
  • The mouse wheel can now be used to perform Page Up and Page Down actions.
  • By default the Ctrl key should be held to perform PageUp/PageDown.
  • To change the default modifier put the following piece of code into the After IBExpert starts event block:
    ibec_SetGlobalVar('IBE$DATA_GRID_PAGE_SCROLL_MODIFIER', <value>);

        where <value> is one of following: empty string, null, 'CTRL', 'ALT', 'SHIFT'.

        An empty string or null as a new modifier value makes PageDown/PageUp a default                behaviour of the mouse wheel in the Data Grid.

2. Code Editor

  • Support of keyboard templates in the Code Completion list.
    There is a new option Show keyboard templates in Code Completion list in the Options | Editor Options | Code Insight.

3. Automatic restore of a dead connection

  • By default if the database connection is lost IBExpert shows a dialog window and offers to restore a dead connection. To attempt to restore the connection automatically without user confirmation put following line of code into the After IBExpert starts event block:

4. Database Object Editors

  • Support of object names longer than 31 chars (Firebird 4) where they were not yet supported.

5. Export Data

  • Export to clipboard in JSON format implemented.

6. Code Formatter

  • Support of space after opening and before closing bracket options.

7. Minor bugfixes and small improvements