IBExpert & Firebird Hotline

Recently we received an enquiry from a customer and it quickly became clear that they were an end user and had issues with the performance of their server, specifically their wish was that they would like it to take less than half an hour to call up an invoice! 

During this conversation however, the customer stated that they a), had reservations about confiding in our hotline (due to various previous "support" experiences with a call center) and b), could not conduct the conversation themselves because their own competencies lie in the company’s core business and not dealing with hard- or software issues.

Our hotline connects you directly to a qualified and experienced technician, via telephone or GoToMeeting; you will not end up at a call center spending hours on hold, only to receive a standard answer, read from the operator’s screen.

As soon as a support appointment has been confirmed by us, we are quickly able to detect the issue and address it immediately. The support call can be with your in-house IT Manager or external IT support company.

Rest assured: you are in good hands with our IBExpert hotline and we will be able help you.

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