Software Subscription expired over 12 months

The following telephone conversation took place in August 2022 in the IBExpert Office: 

Customer: I would like to move my IBExpert to another computer, how do I do that please? 

IBExpert: The software subscription of your IBExpert Download Center account expired in May 2021 and moving to a new or different machine is only possible as long as your software subscription is valid. 

Customer: That's now 15 months. Well, if I divide the price of a full version (currently 259 euros) by 12 months and then add this amount to the 15 months, it costs over 320 euros. Better to buy a new full version. 

IBExpert: If your software subscription has expired for more than 12 months, it does not cost more than 320 euros, but currently 259 euros. 

Customer: That's the same price as a new full version! 

IBExpert: In this case, buying a new full version is not an advantage if you only want to use one version of the IBExpert Developer Studio Edition. A new version only makes sense if you want to increase your activations, because you want to activate IBExpert on additional hardware or for additional users. Without a valid software subscription, you will not receive any software updates or version upgrades with new functions. No personalized technical support to be able to move the IBExpert software to new hardware if necessary. Renewing your software subscription now and then every year after receiving our regular reminders gives you everything you need and saves you time and money.