Newsletter 02/2024

Remote Firebird 4/5 Update Workshop 

In successful workshops with our customers, we have perfected the solution to all conversion problems to such an extent that we can also implement your requirements quickly and flexibly via online training.

With our experience, we can support you as a user or developer to implement all the necessary steps for a successful upgrade of your Firebird 2.x-based application so that it can also run with Firebird 4 or 5.

We know how to convert your database and create a powerful Firebird 4/5 server configuration with maximum compatibility with your existing application. 

Prepare your database for Firebird 4/5 compatibility

Each server-based object, for example stored procedures, triggers, UDFs etc., is automatically verified and you will receive useful tips on how to prepare your existing Firebird 2.x metadata for later conversion in the production system.

You will also receive an introduction to a new Firebird setup and learn how to install a secondary, newer parallel Firebird server version on your or your customers' database server while the existing installation is still in production.

Even rolling out an automated update to hundreds or thousands of customer installations is possible without any manual installation using our IBExpert OEM technology.

We know what can happen and our setup offers all your customers an automated upgrade. If everything has worked well, they can start working with the new Firebird database server instance.

However, if something unexpected happens, you will receive a detailed log, but the existing setup will still be available. 

This allows you to decide whether a manual setup is required or whether the automated update process needs to be improved.

Test your application for Firebird 4/5 compatibility

The basic workshop lasts approx. 2 days and includes an analysis of the existing system as well as a backup/restore of all required data on the new Firebird server.

To avoid wasting time waiting for the backup/restore, we usually offer our workshops in a 4x4 hour format.

You will be surprised how quickly we can get your application up and running with the new Firebird 4/5 database as the backend. 

Our setup utilises several available compatibility configuration parameters, so that you can continue to enjoy all the benefits of the new Firebird versions and achieve significantly better performance, especially under high load, in multi-user installations.

Further support

Once the conversion is complete, we can also offer customised support to create an IBExpert OEM-based upgrade module, which you can deliver to all your customers with your next update.

If your customers complain about the speed of your software, we can also train your team to use the IBExpert Benchmark, analyse the results and communicate the often very poor results to your customer, who is responsible for the hardware chosen for the Firebird server.

And finally, almost any software can benefit from a thorough examination regarding poor database design and bad SQL statements. 

We can show you how to locate such issues and help you improve the performance of your software.

For an offer, please contact us with the subject "Remote Firebird 4/5 Update Workshop" with a brief description of your current products and your team: