IBExpert User Database

The complete IBExpert configuration and work is stored in the IBExpert User Database. The user database should always be used for your main storage for security reasons. It is also possible to store SQL scripts in the IBExpert User Database. These scripts can then be viewed and opened using the Scripts/Blocks page in the DB Explorer.

If you have not specified and registered your IBExpert User database, you will receive the following error message, the first time you start IBExpert: 

By starting IBExpert for a second time, IBExpert automatically creates a User Database in the user\app directory.

If you do not specify the name and location of the IBExpert user database yourself, the default ibexpert.udb will be used for storage of all settings, which can be found here: \HK-Software\IBExpert\ibexpert.udb. Please note, this area is user-dependent and even if several users work on one machine, each user has their own file.

You can of course specify the location of the User Database yourself. The simplest and quickest way to do this is using the supplied Firebird embedded server, and specifying the client library and database paths in Options / Environment Options / User Database.