Hardware Maintenance and Remote DBA

If you have already read up on our IFS servers, you will have seen that each of our servers comes with the service "Hardware Maintenance and Remote DBA". The reason for this is as follows:

A customer who has purchased an IFS server calls us and reports that he cannot connect to his IFS server. The operation is more or less at a standstill and everyone is very upset.

With our hardware maintenance and remote DBA package, we are able to quickly resolve the interruption. The advantage of this service, which should not be underestimated, is not only that the server is working again within a short time, but also the analysis of why this incident occurred.

The reasons why a connection failure can occur are complex and extensive. But it would not be the first time that we have come across adventurous SQLs, which do not necessarily make work easier at other points either.

Although we wouldn’t necessarily like to call such a connection failure a stroke of luck, in retrospect it was definitely worth it for the customer that we identified the reason for this connection failure.

Almost all database-relevant activities on physical and virtual environments, such as monitoring, database operation and prompt troubleshooting, are covered by this service. …

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