Appendix A: Document history

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Appendix A: Document history

The exact file history is recorded in the manual module in our CVS tree; see

Revision history

0.121 Oct 2005PVFirst edition.
1.01 Dec 2006PVRemoved "beta" reference in edition info. Changed warning against specifying backup filenames interactively with nbackup -R. Removed "(or will be)" from first sentence in Document History.
Changed C:\Databases to C:\Data in the examples, just to keep the lines from running out of the shaded <screen> areas in the PDF.
Added section Setting the delta file, and changed section Read on? accordingly.
1.15 May 2008PVMaking and restoring backups: Added warning about heavy-load risks with nbackup 2.0.0–2.0.3.
Restoring a full backup: Corrected wrong statement that nbackup will overwrite an existing database if there are no active connections.
Changed italic text about interactive restore failure to a Note and mentioned its fix in 2.0.1.
Incremental backups: Inserted warning that incremental backups are broken in 2.1.
Suppressing database triggers (Firebird 2.1+): New section.
Read on?: Fixed typo (you -> your).
1.219 Sep 2011PVDocument source formatting: Changed max. line length to 100, without open lines.
All sections and subsections now have an id.
Introduction: Edited first sentence.
nbackup features - An overview: First sentence: groups -> kinds. Edited last para before first subsection: mentioned that only SYSDBA, owner and sometimes OS admins can make a backup.
nbackup features - An overview :: Limitations of nbackup: Edited previously last listitem to mention Services Manager. Added listitem about direct file access. Removed last para.
Functions and parameters: New section.
Making and restoring backups: Slightly altered last sentence of first para. Extended warning: added info on the role of direct I/O with large databases under Posix.
Making and restoring backups :: Full backups :: Making full backups: Corrected and extended listitem on -U and -P parameters. Added listitems on -FE parameter (new in 2.5), -T parameter (new in 2.1) and -D parameter (new in 2.5, backport to 2.1.4). In listitem starting with “The different parameters”, the parenthesized text now reads (-B, -U etc.), because many new parameters have been added.
Making and restoring backups :: A word on the inner workings: Small edit (image -> impression).
Making and restoring backups :: Full backups :: Restoring a full backup: Removed parameters -U and -P from specification. Added listitem on aliases. Changed separate Note about interactive restore failure back to italic text inside the listitem itself. Added listitem about non-necessity of running server and ignoring credentials.
Making and restoring backups :: Incremental backups: Edited Warning: mentioned fix in 2.1.1.
Making and restoring backups :: Incremental backups :: Restoring incremental backups: Removed parameters -U and -P from formal syntax and 1st listitem.
Making and restoring backups :: Backing up raw-device databases: New section.
Making and restoring backups :: Suppressing database triggers: Edited and extended this section, but removed the “SYSDBA and owner only” remark.
Making and restoring backups :: Direct I/O (Firebird 2.1.4+): New section.
Making and restoring backups :: Informational options (Firebird 2.5+): New section.
Making and restoring backups :: Backups on remote machines (Firebird 2.5+): New section.
Locking and unlocking: Slightly altered last sentence of second para.
Locking and unlocking :: Locking the database and backing up yourself: Added Comments (para + itemizedlist).
Locking and unlocking :: Restoring a backup made after “nbackup - L”: Added info on use of alias and -Z to step 2 of procedure. In next para, translated “en” (leftover from Dutch original) -> “and”. Added sentence to Note about reading -F as flag-only.
Locking and unlocking :: Locking raw-device databases: New section.
Locking and unlocking :: Under the hood: Edited Note.
Setting the delta file: 1st para largely rewritten; now refers to raw-device databases. Split off last sentence into a para of its own. Added info (para + programlisting) about setting delta with CREATE DATABASE. 1st listitem in Notes: ADD -> [ADD].
Document history: Changed ulink to CVS (both text and url); now points directly to document.
License notice: End year in copryright mention now 2011.

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