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IBExpert and Firebird Power Workshop III: Optimising database performance

Day 3: Power workshop Optimising database performance
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This course is aimed at developers and DB Admins who already have some Firebird experience, and now need to fine-tune their database’s performance or detect and solve causes of existing database performance problems. This course is also suitable as a follow-up course to the Firebird basics for developers or Firebird basics for admins courses.

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In this one-day course will look at the various factors that affect Firebird performance and review techniques to optimize your database performance. First of all we will take a look at the Firebird Index plans. This will give you further insight into the Firebird optimizer. We will then compare SQL statements and their impact on performance. Temporary files, analyzing the database reads, writes and fetches and the IBExpert performance analysis will also be shown.

The data model may also affect the performance. You will learn the factors to be taken in to consideration when developing a data model. You will learn to understand and analyze the database using IBExpert's Database Statistics. Furthermore you will also learn how the memory configuration can affect performance, and which Firebird parameters are responsible and how these parameters can be adjusted to achieve optimum performance.

Alternative programming optimization techniques include the use of updateable views and procedures rather than complex joins. We will also show you the impact on performance caused by the differences between IN, EXISTS, <>, CONTAINING and other operators.

How can you avoid the negative effects of multi-generational architecture? We take a look at external optimization strategies for monitoring your database, discover anomalies and problems at the moment when they occur - not having to wait until the database stops. You'll learn how to set the Trace API and monitor tables for optimal monitoring for an application and interpretation of the results.

Of course we will also look at the impact that hardware and operating system cast on the Firebird performance, and take a look at optimum utilisation of the hard drive, which optimizes the hardware and operating system configuration, and use benchmarks to test the different configurations.

At the end of the day there is ample time to answer any questions.

Terms and conditions

The workshop is subject to the VAT/sales tax applicable in the country where it is taking place. The participation fee is payable immediately upon receipt of invoice. Participation is possible only if payment has been received in full before the workshop begins. Workshop participation can be canceled up until 03.01.2014.

In case of cancellation, the organiser will levy a cancellation fee of EUR 50 per person per day excluding VAT. After this date, it is no longer possible to cancel and the workshop fee must be paid in full.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the training program for organisational or other reasons. Payments will be refunded if the workshop has to be canceled by the organizer. Further legal claims against the organizers are explicitly excluded.

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The fees apply to online bookings in our online shop and immediate payment using PayPal or Visa/Mastercard. The prices in our online shop are quoted excluding VAT! The number of places is limited. Should you have any further questions please contact sales@ibexpert.biz call +49 (0) 4407 3148770.

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