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Project support: InterBase to Firebird conversion

Around 90% of all IBExpert users are now using Firebird!

Conversion to Firebird is easier than many think, and you don't just save software fees, there are considerable advantages thanks to the flexible architecture, better performance, simple installation and much better stability.

In a number of customer projects we have been asked for help by InterBase users because of defect indices and inexplicable server crashes. These problems arose suddenly without any recognizable cause, and could not be solved using any of the usual means. Even the database backup files were often faulty, and could only be saved using IBExpert tools!

With our support the conversion to Firebird usually takes just a few days. Users report significant performance improvements, in particular with complex database applications, although the conversion concentrates primarily on Firebird database operability.

Interested? Please contact us at sales@ibexpert.biz, and we'll call you back directly.

Legal note: the brand InterBase and all other brand names refer to third-party original products.