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IBExpert Developer Studio Edition

IBExpert Developer Studio Editions can be purchased up to a total of 50 activations, with volume discounts available. Do you require more? Mail us at sales@ibexpert.com and we will send you a written offer.

The IBExpert Developer Studio Edition includes:

  • Use of the software for an unlimited period of time on the registered computer(s) (without hardware alterations) for the registered user(s)
  • Access to the IBExpert Download Center for 12 months to download and activate your software, and to download all updates published during the subscription period
  • Free, hardware-dependent activation codes for the registered computer(s) when submitting the removal code within the 12 month period
IMPORTANT: all customers who wish to use IBExpert on virtual machines and/or in a cloud infrastructure: Please only use the IBExpert Developer Studio Company Year Edition.

Please always use the most up-to-date IBExpert version available in the IBExpert Download Center.

Following a 12 month period without a valid software subscription, you are no longer entitled to purchase a software subscription for your software registration(s). So please ensure that you extend your IBExpert software subscription on time. Without a valid software subscription you no longer have access to any IBExpert setup.exe, so please ensure you save a backup copy of your downloaded setup version for later use.

If you have a valid software subscription but are not able to submit a removal code, you can remit a service fee of EUR 20.00 (+ sales tax/VAT where applicable) per registered computer to receive a hardware-related activation code. You may order this service using this Share-it link. Please send the new machine code and the new computer name in text form to register@ibexpert.com.

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