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IBExpert and Firebird Professional Workshop

Next date and location on request

The IBExpert and Firebird Professional Workshop is a 4-day workshop covering a series of topics that build on each other and is therefore offered as a total package.
So that we can offer all participants an in-depth knowledge, this workshop will be conducted as an open training in a small group.

Target group

Experienced developers, development managers, software architects, technical directors of software companies.


Several years' experience working with Firebird as the database platform in-house.

Language: English


Day 1:

  • Basic knowledge Firebird architecture
    • Record versions and transactions
    • ODS, DDL, data types
  • Basic knowledge database objects
    • Table structures and stored procedures
    • Triggers, "computed by" fields
    • Updatable views
  • Basic knowledge indices and plans
  • Basic knowledge Firebird administration
    • Firebird versions and differences
    • Measuring and evaluating performance
  • Basic knowledge database server hardware
    • Differences Windows/Linux

Day 2:

  • Database caching
    • Understanding the built-in cache mechanisms
    • Constructing your own cache structures
  • Materialized views
    • Understanding the advantages
    • Depiction in Firebird
  • Global temporary tables
    • Basic knowledge
    • Use for reporting
  • Transparent data outsourcing
    • Automatic communication between multiple databases
    • Automatically transferring data content in archive databases
    • Queries across multiple databases

Day 3:

  • Blocks, stored procedures and triggers
    • Measuring and comparing performance advantages against client-side programs
    • Modular programming with Execute Procedure
    • Dynamic Execute Statement creation during runtime
    • Advantages of blocks
    • Debugging using IBExpert tools
    • Profiling using IBExpert tools
  • Client optimization
    • Identifying and optimizing dynamic SQL from applications
    • Logging an application on the server side
    • Impact of network logging

Day 4:

  • Clustering and replication
    • Synchronizing multiple databases in offline mode
    • Simple master-slave replication
    • Bidirectional master-master replication
    • Multi-master replication
    • Failover mechanisms and high availability
    • Field staff replication
    • Clustering
  • Security strategies
    • Optimizing backup/restore
    • Understanding and using shadows
    • Worst-case strategies
  • Repair methods
    • Simple repair methods using standard tools
    • Complex database repair using IBExpert tools

Trust the Firebird database experts: IBExpert

Should you have any further questions please contact sales@ibexpert.biz call +49 (0) 4407 3148770.

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