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IBExpert and Firebird Professional Workshop in-house

The IBExpert and Firebird Professional Workshop is a 3-day workshop, an intensive version of the open Firebird Professional 4-day workshop, as in-house company training. This workshop can take place at your own premises or at our Training Center in Wardenburg, North Germany.

Instructor: Holger Klemt

Target group

Experienced developers, development managers, software architects, technical directors of software companies.


Several years' experience working with Firebird as the database platform in-house.

Language: English or German.


  • Basic knowledge Firebird architecture
    • Record versions and transactions
    • ODS, DDL, data types
  • Basic knowledge database objects
    • Table structures and stored procedures
    • Triggers, "computed by" fields
    • Updatable views
  • Basic knowledge indices and plans
  • Basic knowledge Firebird administration
    • Firebird versions and differences
    • Measuring and evaluating performance
  • Basic knowledge database server hardware
    • Differences Windows/Linux
  • Database caching
    • Understanding the built-in cache mechanisms
    • Constructing your own cache structures
  • Materialized views
    • Understanding the advantages
    • Depiction in Firebird
  • Global temporary tables
    • Basic knowledge
    • Use for reporting
  • Transparent data outsourcing
    • Automatic communication between multiple databases
    • Automatically transferring data content in archive databases
    • Queries across multiple databases
  • Blocks, stored procedures and triggers
    • Measuring and comparing performance advantages against client-side programs
    • Modular programming with Execute Procedure
    • Dynamic Execute Statement creation during runtime
    • Advantages of blocks
    • Debugging using IBExpert tools
    • Profiling using IBExpert tools
  • Client optimization
    • Identifying and optimizing dynamic SQL from applications
    • Logging an application on the server side
    • Impact of network logging
  • Clustering and replication
    • Synchronizing multiple databases in offline mode
    • Simple master-slave replication
    • Bidirectional master-master replication
    • Multi-master replication
    • Failover mechanisms and high availability
    • Field staff replication
    • Clustering
  • Security strategies
    • Optimizing backup/restore
    • Understanding and using shadows
    • Worst-case strategies
  • Repair methods
    • Simple repair methods using standard tools
    • Complex database repair using IBExpert tools

Terms and Conditions

The workshop will only be held if payment has been received in full prior to the event date (prepayment invoice).

The organizer reserves the right to modify the training program for organizational or other reasons. If the workshop has to be canceled by the organizer, the organizer will offer an alternative date. Further legal claims against the organizer are expressly excluded.


Monday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm; dates on request (Language: German or English).

Trust the experts database for Firebird: IBExpert!

If interested, please contact sales@ibexpert.biz with details of the desired venue, the number of participants and 2 preferred dates, so that we can mail you our written offer.

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