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IBExpert und Firebird I-IV 4 days power workshop

4 days: Next date and location on request

Participation all 4 days:

24.02.2014:I Basics for developers
25.02.2014:II Basics for DB admins
26.02.2014:III Optimising database performance
27.02.2014: IV Basics scripting, reporting & web apps

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Why should you take part?

You use a Firebird database for applications in your business or together with software distributed by yourself? So far, everything has been running very smoothly, but what happens in the worst case: the database becomes defect due to a hardware error and all backups are unusable due to an unrecognized error!

Due to poorly maintained indices and unfortunately formulated SQLs the system suddenly slows down and no one knows why? How can indices be maintained and when does it make sense to use them? And how can I improve the speed of SQL queries?

What are all these values ​​in the database statistics tables, in the monitor tables and in the TraceAPI? For example if you do not know what is hiding behind the concepts OAT, OIT, reads, writes, fetches, version and shadow, then it is time to acquire this basic knowledge at the IBExpert and Firebird Power Workshops!

If your employees use a company car, you assume they have a valid driving license! "Learning by doing" for such a central element as your database is a very risky procedure. Just because you read something on the internet, does not mean that it is correct. Once you've lost your data, it's too late!

Terms and conditions

The workshop is subject to the VAT/sales tax applicable in the country where it is taking place. The participation fee is payable immediately upon receipt of invoice. Participation is possible only if payment has been received in full before the workshop begins. Workshop participation can be canceled up until 03.01.2014.

In case of cancellation, the organiser will levy a cancellation fee of EUR 200 per person excluding VAT. After this date, it is no longer possible to cancel and the workshop fee must be paid in full.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the training program for organisational or other reasons. Payments will be refunded if the workshop has to be canceled by the organizer. Further legal claims against the organizers are explicitly excluded.

Trust the Firebird database experts: IBExpert

The fees apply to online bookings in our online shop and immediate payment using PayPal or Visa/Mastercard. The prices in our online shop are quoted excluding VAT! The number of places is limited. Should you have any further questions please contact sales@ibexpert.biz call +49 (0) 4407 3148770.

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