IBExpert Newsletter 09/2016

In this edition:

IBExpert USA

IBExpert has opened an office in Orlando, Florida

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new office location in Orlando, Florida in order to respond to increased demand for our services in the United States region.

IBExpert, LLC
202 River Bend CT
Longwood, FL 32779
Phone: 407-288-8070
Mail: contact@ibexpert.com

Our goal is to improve our capabilities to assist, support and consult clients throughout North and South America. Together with a professional development team in the USA and Germany we will be able to better meet our client needs.

IBExpert specializes in Firebird database customization in multiple areas:

  • Data Replication (Master/Slave, Master/Master single and multiple location)
  • Data Security with encryption solutions using FB 3.0
  • Custom application development including process automation and process optimization
  • Migration of Interbase database systems to Firebird 2.5/3.0
  • Firebird remote Database Administration
  • Firebird/Interbase database Consulting
  • Database perfomance Optimization

IBExpert Firebird 2.x/3 Bootcamp: October 26th-27th, 2016 in Orlando, Florida, USA

The Orlando IBExpert office is looking forward to welcoming our founder Holger Klemt in Orlando. Holger will hold a 2 day IBExpert Firebird Bootcamp covering Firebird administration/replication/security/performance topics October 26th-27th, 2016.

Participants will be able to bring and demonstrate real Firebird challenges and Holger Klemt will solve the problems. He will teach replication techniques that can be applied right away after the Bootcamp. Bootcamp participants also will receive the original Bootcamp video recordings covering all discussed topics with details.

All participants will have the chance to purchase all IBExpert software products at special Bootcamp rates!

There has been high demand for IBExpert Firebird Bootcamps in Germany. So you might wish to see some of the participant comments from previous Bootcamps as below.

Participation for both days costs just $990.

You can reserve your place by mail to contact@ibexpert.com.


400 Woodbridge Rd
Longwood, FL 32779


There are a number hotels in the immediate vicinity, which you can view online here. Please book yourself!

... IBExpert Firebird 2.x/3 Bootcamp October 26th-27th, 2016 in Orlando, Florida, USA.

IBExpert Firebird Bootcamps: What our customers are saying:

"Three days pure Firebird: Firebird internals, Firebird replication, Firebird configuration, repairing Firebird, optimizing Firebird, basically: all things Firebird. It's not possible to pack more Firebird theory and practice into three days!
"The very next day, following the recommendations, we set about configuring a new PC as a Firebird server, initially without any software optimization: a LIKE search across all data by customer name previously took about 15 seconds, with the new server 2 seconds. Price of the previous server: 3,500 €, price of the new FB-Server PC: 1,000 €.
"We will need a few months to digest it all, and implement other parts of our newly gained knowledge. Thanks for the video recordings; they help enormously!"

Chris Hölzemann, Jürgen Medart, Ingenieurbüro Medart

"We would like to thank you for an excellent workshop. We've really learnt a lot about Firebird and IBExpert. The following topics were particularly important for ourselves: transaction control und error detection; Firebird database replication; shadows; developing Client/Server apps; hardware recommendations and Firebird server configuration; upgrade to Firebird 3.0 and the advantages compared to Firebird 2.5.

"PS: This was by far the best workshop I've ever participated in!"

Jakob Töws, Tele-Trac Kommunikations GmbH

"The boot camp was, as was my previous participation in several IBExpert courses or workshops, very informative. Customer projects that I have implemented and which have been in use for a long time (replication, archive database, log triggers, etc. ...), can now be extended and optimized even further on the basis of the newly acquired knowledge.

"Working with IBExpert is continually improved, thus I can develop much faster in the database and integrate these improvements in customer projects and also in our ERP software.

"Holger Klemt also constantly offers tips, advice and guidance based on his very long experience, among other things: what should be taken into consideration when implementing customer requirements, so that you can avoid a variety of "beginner mistakes" from the outset, which would otherwise make life very difficult later.

"Participation in IBExpert workshops is firmly fixed in my schedule every 1-2 years."

Michael Clemens, Line Software GmbH

Further information: IBExpert Firebird 2.x/3 Bootcamp October 26th-27th, 2016 in Orlando, Florida, USA