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Replication with Firebird 2.1/2.5

In-house company workshop

Our IBExpert and Firebird replication Workshop is a 2- to 5-day workshop. So that we can provide all participants with an in-depth knowledge, we hold this workshop at our premises in small groups. If you wish, we can also perform this workshop as individual company training at your premises. If you would like a written offer please mail sales@ibexpert.biz.

Target group

Experienced developers, development managers, software architects, technical directors of software companies.


Several years' experience working with Firebird as the database platform in-house.

Fundamentals and contents

A replication solution offers many benefits to your customers or for your own, Firebird-based software. A simple master-slave replication provides a live version for almost 100 percent reliability, because all transactions on the production server are also executed immediately on the backup server. In case the production server fails, your software can then continue to work on the backup server using simple extensions without any data loss.

We have implemented this solution for a number of customers. Any data models are suitable on Firebird 2.5 databases using simple extensions. This technique can also be used for Firebird 2.1, even if you do need to deploy slightly different techniques. At the end of the workshop you will be able to implement a master-slave extension of your own database based on the demo database technology presented. This gives you the foundations for further extensions, which we will not be able to present in detail.

Whilst the master-slave replication illustrates the universal basic technology, we will also demonstrate the construction of a multi-master replication. In a multi-master replication, all database servers are linked either online or offline, so that identical data material can be read and written on all database servers. We recommend a customized database model for the use of a multi-master replication, in order to be able to work both online and offline without any restrictions.

In online mode all available replication targets are synchronized instantly on a per-transaction basis, so that a database cluster across multiple servers provides increased stability and real scalability. Compared to virtual clusters it is possible to attain significant performance improvement with this method, especially when simple hardware is used as a dedicated Firebird server. We are also more than happy to show you test methods for the performance comparison of the hardware used at your own site.

The offline version is also suitable for virtually unlimited branch office connectivity or field staff connectivity. We will demonstrate how, based on a customer network with currently 100 sites in Germany, should even a single internet connection fail, how all sites can continue working on the existing data without any restriction, as well as how the data is synchronized once the internet connection is available again.

In contrast to cloud solutions, which always require a fast and 100% available internet connection, our solution can also be used for sites with limited reliability or slow connection. Using modern encryption technology and TCP Tunneling, a secure and transparent connection is easily feasible via DSL, or even via UMTS or LTE. In the logistics sector and retail trade, mobile and stationary solutions are possible, with 100% availability, in particular with the use of independently deployable tablets.

Using low-cost hardware and either Linux or Windows as the operating system, we can realize affordable solutions incl. Hardware, database design, programming, administration and maintenance for you or your customers. Even partial solutions as supplements to your existing software can be realized in this way.

We offer all participants the chance to download the demo database with the master-slave technology, and video recordings of the workshop at no extra charge.

Terms and conditions

Please refer to our IBExpert Standard Business Terms, in particular the IBExpert Contract Terms for the Provision of Consultancy and other Professional Services (General Terms and Conditions Services).

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