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New configuration parameters and changes


D. Yemanov

(v.2.0.6) On heavily loaded Windows systems, local connect (XNET) could fail due to the client timing out while waiting for the server to set the xnet_response_event. To help with this problem, the ConnectionTimeout parameter has been enhanced to affect XNET connections, in addition to TCP/IP (improvement backported from v.2.5.0).

Note: The caveat documented for this parameter, although still applicable to network transports, does not apply to XNET's protocol.


A. Peshkov

Modified in Firebird 2, to allow the first path cited in ExternalFilesAccess to be used as the default when a new external file is created.


A. Peshkov

This parameter enables you to configure Firebird 2 to reject an old DES hash always in an upgraded security database. If you don't use the security database upgrade procedure, this parameter does not affect Firebird operation. A DES hash cannot arrive in the new security2.fdb.

Refer to the Security DB Upgrade Security section for instructions on upgrading your existing Firebird 1.5 security.fdb (or a renamed isc4.gdb) to the new security database layout.

The default value is 1 (true).

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A. Peshkov

Parameter for controlling redirection of remote requests. It controls the multi-hop capability that was broken in InterBase 6 and is restored in Firebird 2.

About multi-hop

When you attach to some database using multiple hosts in the connection string, only the last host in this list is the one that opens the database. The other hosts act as intermediate gateways on port gds_db. Previously, when working, this feature was available unconditionally. Now, it can be configured.

Remote redirection is turned off by default.

Caution: If you are considering enabling multi-hop capability, please study the Warning text in the chapter on Security and in the documentation for this parameter in the firebird.conf file.

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V. Horsun

Garbage collection policy. It is now possible to choose the policy for garbage collection on Superserver. The possible settings are cooperative, background and combined, as explained in the notes for GPolicy in firebird.conf.

Not applicable to Classic, which supports only cooperative garbage collection.

New parameter OldColumnNaming

P. Reeves

The parameter OldColumnNaming has been ported forward from Firebird 1.5.3. This parameter allows users to revert to pre-v.1.5 column naming behaviour in SELECT expressions. The installation default is 0 (disabled). If it is enabled, the engine will not attempt to supply run-time identifiers, e.g. CONCATENATION for derived fields where the developer has neglected to provide identifiers.

Important: This setting affects all databases on the server and will potentially produce exceptions or unpredicted results where mixed applications are implemented.


A. Peshkov

Setting this parameter to zero now disables switching of thread priorities completely. It affects only the Win32 Superserver.

TCPNoNagle has changed

K. Kuznetzov

The default value for TcpNoNagle is now TCP_NODELAY.

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Removed or deprecated parameters


D. Yemanov

The option CreateInternalWindow is no longer required to run multiple server instances and it has been removed.

DeadThreadsCollection is no longer used

A. Peshkov

The DeadThreadsCollection parameter is no longer used at all. Dead threads are now efficiently released "on the fly", making configuration unnecessary. Firebird 2.0 silently ignores this parameter.

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